iphone 5s yo

Ok I bought myself the new gold 16 gb iphone 5s back in September and I’m super excited, because it finally shipped yesterday!!!


it’s supposed to arrive by the 16th? i can’t wait 



Greetings my minions! Was that creepy? Maybe just a bit. ANYWHOOO it’s safe to say this blog is completely deserted. Actually I think the last time this blog was actually active was about three years ago. That’s a bit pathetic. If anyone who still reads this plays sims or likes reading sim stories I may be working on a new blog for my sims legacies (if I’m not too lazy).  It’s called roguesims so you can click that if you’d like to visit. I’ll be starting off with a prettacy, which is a challenge where you start off with a hideous sim and try to get an attractive offspring. The main goal is to try to get the most attractive sim you can in 10 generations. I’ll be writing a story for my prettacy so yeah.

Also for anyone who cares to know I just had my birthday on the 16th, which was last thursday. Yipee I’m getting older. I got 2 sims expansion packs, world adventures and ambitions. I didn’t particularly want those but they were the only ones left at target apparently and it was buy one get one. Can’t beat that with a stick. (LOL)

So I’m not really sure if anyone (roxy, mich ? xD) checks up on wordpress still but if you do comment! I’d love to hear how you’ve been doing!

OH YEAH this is completely irrelevant but I have a new haircut! I shaved the side of my head, and despite the looks of horror and confusion I’ve gotten I love it! So that’s it for now, mayeb I’ll post again later just for kicks.


oh hey

oh hey.  I haven’t posted in a while :S the problem is I’ve never been much of a writer or a blogger. I feel somehow like I should write about things or keep a journal just because I love to read so much. But writing has always been like a chore for me. I also don’t have much talent. I mean I could probably be a good writer if I tried, I read constantly so that must help with writing a bit.

Anyway, mich and roxxy where are you? I forgot your blog roxxy *shame* and unless you made a new blog mich, you haven’t updated in quite a while.

Oh and if either of you are reading this, do you have a tumblr? I do I’m obsessed with it. I think the whole world should have a tumblr. Isn’t blogging so awkward? It feels like your talking to yourself. Maybe I should make like posts about my life? Well that wouldn’t be very interesting. But I do have something interesting to share, I got a chihuahua puppy. His name is Ricky and he’s tooooo adorable. I’ll post a picture later.  Oh cool, I just discovered that I can send in posts through text message, so I’ll probably start posting more often. Ugh my posts are always too long so see you later. I need to stop being a babbling bimbo.


well hello, long time no post. I don’t know if anyone is still here to read this, but I just decided I should post a sort of update post. Well I did my state tests, final exams are coming up in june, my last full day of school is june 16th 😉

Like anyone cares about school. Well recently I embarked on a new endeavor, piercing my own cartilage, which might I warn you, is very difficult. I used a needle, getting it through was easy, but after I took it out to get the stud in, I couldn’t see the hole and it was nearly impossible. After piercing my cartilage 3 times on sunday, I just gave up. Now I’m left with a sore ear, and a bright purple bruise. I’m planning to attempt again, by using my friend’s extra sharp starter earring that she got when she had her cartilage pierced.

If you were thinking of trying something like this I’d recommend if using a needle, mark the spot so you can get the earring in fast, or just use a safety pin (then leave it in and close it) or a sharp starter earring. Remember to disinfect your supplies and hands thoroughly, and it’s virtually painless. Unless you have a vain in your ear that you hit, or you rush. (I did the second time and it spurted blood oh joy)

Anyway tomorrow I have no school, and I’m working on a video for a best online friend. It’s our 1 year anniversary as “wives” hah. Thursday I’m doing more tests bleh. They are testing questions that new york state is considering using on the test for next years kids. Friday i go to darien lake, which is an awesome amusement park. I’m actually planning on working there this summer, they hire 14 year olds as far as I know 😉 And on Saturday is my little  brother’s first communion, which is a religious sacrament, I’m catholic.

Well I’ll try to post tommorrow, -Rose

p.s. I’m posting picks of my piercing fail, as soon as I find my celly phone


hey there, sorry i haven’t posted since last month o_o  I guess it sort of just slipped my mind. Anyways how’s everyone doing? Not much new has happened since i last posted, but I can’t wait till summer. It’s time for a change in the freezing temperatures


so I’ve been really slacking off on posting lately, tsk tsk. Honestly though, it’s mostly because my internet hasn’t been working to well. But it’s a bit better now so I can get back to posting 😀

Well since I didn’t post on my birthday, which was the 16th, I suppose I’ll make a post about that. Anyways I just turned 14 on my birthday, which i think is pretty cool, since 14 seems like a better age than 13 to me. I got my tablet (hooray) it’s a wacom bamboo tablet, and it’s pretty good, but I’m still not used to it yet. I also got some shirts, earrings, rings, that kind of stuff. MY favorite earrings were these big red sparkly guitars. There really cool, I’ll post a picture tomorrow since it’s 1:30 am right now.

Oh and also i have off all week, thank god for mid winter break